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Terms and conditions

Our Products?

Julieta Aparício products are made by hand in our studio using new raw materials. Since they are the result of a manual process, each item has small variations that make it a unique and unrepeatable piece, we cannot guarantee that they are the same as the specimen in the photograph. The various variations can occur from natural characteristics of the materials used or from imperfections already existing in the raw materials.

Julieta Aparício's online product catalog is independent of its physical store, both in terms of price and quantities in stock.



Julieta Aparício accepts payments by bank transfer. Failure to pay the order within 48 hours after the date on which it was placed implies automatic cancellation of the same.

Any and all payments will only be considered after good collection with the respective entry of amounts in Julieta Aparício.

All items available at Julieta Aparício's store have marked the sales price with VAT included at the legal rate in force and excluding shipping costs. If you live outside the European Union, please note that your country's customs services may charge additional customs fees. These fees are not the responsibility of Julieta Aparício and vary from country to country. Please inquire with your country's customs services before placing an order.

Julieta Aparício reserves the right to implement or withdraw any accepted payment method.


Delivery conditions

Shipments are made via CTT or designated carrier depending on the nature and weight of the objects.

The pieces made available at www.julietaaparicio.com are entirely made by us, being produced with limited stocks, which will imply making them in most cases only after ordering them.

Delivery times vary from 3 working days to two weeks, depending on the type of item or need for execution. If there is need and execution, add a week for your piece to be made by hand and ready to be delivered, this situation will always be communicated via email. Julieta Aparício reserves the right to refuse any order.

Failure to pay the order within 48 hours after the date on which it was placed implies automatic cancellation of the same.

Julieta Aparício will honor orders received online only up to the limit of available stocks. In the absence of availability of the product, Julieta Aparício undertakes to inform and refund the customer in full the amount of the items that cannot be sent to them.

You will receive an email when shipping is done with the tracking number so you can track your order.

The shipping costs accepted by the customer at the time of purchase correspond to a service provided by Julieta Aparício or by its distribution partners that guarantees the shipment of your order to the country of destination, and cannot be held responsible for any customs fees and entry restrictions. products in some destinations.

In the event of loss of registered shipments, Julieta Aparício undertakes to reimburse the customer for the total amount of his order. If the customer does not claim the order or arrange for a new delivery together with our distribution partners, within the time allowed and the order is returned to Julieta Aparício, due to the customer being absent at the address, not answering the cell phone or answering an email , then the customer will have to bear the transport costs of the new shipment.

Free shipping campaigns are only valid for the first shipments, and never for resending orders.


International Shipping

Julieta Aparício ships to Spain, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, UK, USA by prior contact.


Exchanges and Returns

Customers have the right to freely terminate the contract, to exchange or be refunded for products purchased at www.julietaaparicio.com, without needing to indicate any reason, within 14 days from the day the customer or a third party for if indicated, other than the carrier, acquire physical possession of the goods.

The client can exercise his right by means of an unambiguous statement, in his own words, by letter sent by registered postal mail or by email, to the following address: geral@julietaaparicio.com.

Returns will only be accepted when within 14 days and exchanges are subject to stock availability.

Before sending the product back make sure you send us a return declaration, include a copy of the return declaration with the goods you are returning. Products without a previous return declaration will not be accepted.

It is up to the consumer to bear fully and exclusively the costs associated with the return of the product, shipping and bank costs. In all cases, any exchange request must be made by registered mail that guarantees delivery of the goods to our address. Julieta Aparício is not responsible for losses and damages that occur in the shipments of returned products. We encourage you to pack and seal the products safely and preferably in the original packaging. Returned products must be in the same condition as they were delivered to the Customer, without any sign of use, and in the respective packaging. We recommend using UPS and insurance for the value of the products. Julieta Aparício does not accept products that have damaged original packaging.a.

As soon as we receive the goods, the refund will be processed within 72 hours and you will receive a refund confirmation email or product exchange information.

If the final value resulting from the exchange of products for an order is higher than the initial value of the same, the Customer will have to pay for the difference, using one of the available payment methods. If it is less than the initial amount, or in the event of a return, the Customer may request a refund of that amount by bank transfer to an account to be indicated.

Julieta Aparício applies exceptions to the right of free termination of the contract, not accepting exchanges or returns of articles for:

- Supply of goods made according to consumer specifications or clearly customized;

- Supply of goods that, by nature, cannot be resent or are liable to deteriorate;

- Provision of digital content not provided in material if:

i Its execution begins with the consumer's prior and express consent; ande

ii The consumer recognizes that his consent implies the loss of the right of free withdrawal;;

 - Items sent for free, in the form of gifts or bonuses.

By making a purchase at www.julietaaparicio.com the customer is expressing his consent to the terms and conditions.


Total Agreement

The present Conditions of Sale constitute the total agreement between the parties in reference.

In the event that one of the clauses of this contract is declared null and void, due to a legislative, normative change or sentence, it will not lose its validity, and compliance with these General Conditions of Sale is mandatory.

Julieta Aparício reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time.


Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The conditions of this contract are applicable under Portuguese law. The attribution of jurisdiction in the event of a dispute, and the lack of amicable agreement between the parties will be submitted to the competent courts of Portugal despite the plurality of defendants and / or whatever the type of procedures.

In the event of a dispute, the consumer, under Law No. 144/2015, may also resort to an Alternative Consumer Dispute Resolution Entity: CNIACC National Center for Consumer Conflict Information and Arbitration www.arbitragemdeconsumo.org.g).

By making a purchase at www.julietaaparicio.com the customer is expressing his consent to the terms and conditions.